Software to easily manage all of your registered agents and state filings.

As your business grows we'll be there every step of the way to make sure that you have the resources at hand to service your companies ongoing needs.

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Manage Multiple Companies

Whether you have 1 entity that requires registered agent services in 50 states or multiple companies that need services in a single state our portal makes it easy.

Instant Access to Service of Process

We have refined our protocols over the years to ensure that important documents are received without delay. All service of process received by our agents is scanned and delivered to your account dashboard in real time allowing you to react quickly and accordingly to your clients needs.

Annual Report Filing Services

Compulsory filing requirements are such as annual reports are just some of the filing services we offer to help keep our clients companies in good standing.

Notification Email Alerts

Never miss an important filing date with our notification email alerts that are generated in advance of due dates for annual report or other compulsory filing requirements.


Manage all of your company filings using our dashboard

By recording cash, cards, or any other kinds of payments through Square Register, you can monitor sales trends and create sales reports for the day, month, or year. You can also track and issue refunds.

Registered Agent Service

Square Register allows you to instantly populate a spreadsheet with your sales history for tax purposes—which means you don’t have to spend nearly as much time preparing for taxes.

Incorporation Service

With a manager PIN, you can control what your employees can see and do in Square Register on the iPad while logged into the administrative account.

Federal Employee Identification Number / Tax ID

Square lets you record transactions even when the internet is down. They’ll be stored locally, then automatically sync to your Square account when you’re connected again.

Foreign Qualification

Keep your tickets open with Square Register for iPad and Android tablets. Create, save, and add to orders with a touch and let your customers pay when it’s convenient.

Instant access to your service of process.

Now you can manage your inventory free from anywhere. Square Inventory is fast to set up and can send you alerts when items are almost out of stock. You can also export your stock levels as a printable spreadsheet at any time.

Edit items with ease

Manage details like names, quantities, or prices quickly and easily. Get automatic emails when you start to run low on an item.

Speed up the line with quick, easy modifiers

Light soy, extra noodles—item modifiers make it simple and efficient to get your customers’ orders just right.

Easily manage invoices and payment receipts.

With Usara, you can receive receipts or print them out for each of your companies. You can easily view which states are current and have active registered agent service.
Invoices can be easily paid online and payment receipt records can always be accessed through your dashboard.

Get feedback from your receipts

Hear what’s working and what could be better directly from your customers. Responding to feedback can help improve customer loyalty and your bottom line.

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